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Künstler*in:Frida DarkoDatum:19. Mai 2023Spielzeiten:tbaBühne:WalinkulaOrt:Konstanz | BodenseestadionJetzt Tickets sichern!Ticket-Shop

Frida Darko

Pressing the right buttons at the right moment, Frida enchants a magical vibe on the dancefloor, creating her own unique downtempo style with powerful Darko atmosphere. Apart from helping out at her parent’s nightclub, little Fridi learned quite early to play the drums and the piano. Rich in such experiences it’s no surprise that she knows how to cast a spell over the crowd. Gifted with a curious nature, she produces her very own signature by mixing different genres like bouncy, progressive slowrave and dark disco in a skillfully and smooth way. In addition to her current studies in nutritional science, she always loved to spend her time with creative music stuff. Playing many gigs at various festivals and clubs, she proved again and again how energetic and driving downtempo music can feel. Usually with a smile on her face and a funny pun in her pocket, she strives to fascinate the crowd with tunes of Darko-ness.