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Christian Löffler

Christian   Löffler’s   art   is   heavily   inspired   by   his environment.  He  lives  and  works,  both  as  a  painter and   musician,   in   the   remote   Darss   Peninsula   in Germany’s  north-east  and  his  atelier  can  be  found within  a  rustic  log  cabin  surrounded  by  overgrown wilderness  over-looking  the  Baltic  Sea.  The  area  has provided  him  with  the  solitude  necessary  for  his highly  introspective  work,  while  at  the  same  time influencing   him   via   its   rugged   landscapes   in   a continuous   creative   dialogue   between   artist   and nature. This bucolic seclusion, tranquil by nature and intense  in  nature,  has  defined  Löffler’s  body  of  work, both visual and musical, throughout the years.Following his debut in 2012, A Forest, Löffler launches his second album Mare in 2017. Every bit of his environment can be felt, and literally heard in Mare, which is based on the field-recordings of  his  atelier.  The  result,  a  highly  organic  voyage  through  his  nature-abundant  residence  and workplace.  In  2019  Löffler  continues  to  draw  on  the  importance  of  his  physical  surroundings  as inspiration. Named after the town he resides in, Graal (Prologue), contains music that was created in a period where Löffler was constantly away on tour – sketches of melodies written on the road. The resulting six tracks on the album have a minimal and focused feel, given by the back-to-basics approach Löffler took when working on these rough ideas. It was followed by Lys, which serves as a  sequel  and  contrast  to Graal,  its  predecessor.  The  idea  is  for  the  whole  project  to  have  an organic  dichotomy  –  while Graal was  created  on  the  road  (Löffler  likens  it  to  a  travel  diary),  the follow  up  is  a  classic  studio  album,  created  in  his  home  recording  space. Lys,  however,  captures something even more fundamental in nature: light. “I realised that the light is different in the north of  Germany,  and  this  became  an  overall  theme  for  the  album,”  Löffler  explains.  “Before  I  had Mare, and Forest, and now it’s become light,” hence the album’s title, meaning “light” in Danish. Both albums were also accompanied by Löffler’s own art; a series of hand-drawn monochromatic sketches  and  paintings  that  served  as  inspiration  for  the  music.  In  2020  invited  by  the  world’s leading  classical  music  label,  Deutsche  Grammophon,  Löffler  reworked  pieces  by  Beethoven,  as well as other legendary German classical music composers   such as Wagner and Bach, to create his latest album Parallels. By breathing new life into classical compositions, Parallels invites a new generation  of  music-lovers  to  discover  the  rich  heritage  of  classical  music  as  well  as  explore Deutsche Grammophon’s historic archives.