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Künstler*in:BLUMENGARTENDatum:10. & 11. Mai 2024Spielzeiten:tbaBühne:tbaOrt:Konstanz | BodenseestadionJetzt Tickets sichern!Ticket-Shop


Barely a year ago, Blumengarten released their debut EP, “Sag deinen Freunden, dass du sie liebst” (“Tell your friends that you love them”) and not only made the German pop landscape bloom, but also gave one of the most valuable pieces of social advice in these inhospitable times: Yes, we should all tell our friends more often how much we love them – and play a song by Blumengarten while doing so. Why not?! Rayan and Sammy are two musicians that only come around once a generation Germany. One of their many specialities involves creating light and airy pop without pretences that points out the important things in life. Unpretentious yet full of devotion and soul, songs such as “paris syndrom” (“paris syndrome”) and “wiedersehen” (“reunion”) get to the heart of things so beautifully that with Rayan’s singing, you can’t help but sing along and internalise the lyrics. When the effortlessly plucked melodies from Sammy’s guitar are added, everything is calm for a moment – like a summer afternoon in a flower garden in bloom. 

Bücklestraße 3-5

78467 Konstanz

+49 7531 584 788 2



09:30 – 14:00 Uhr
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09:30 – 16:00 Uhr

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