Whether it’s opening up for the legendary Skepta at the infamous Berghain, joining Majestic Casual on tour throughout Europe or having her own club night BLUE SPACE at Palomabar, there is no way around Tereza: she creates her own sound and takes her audience by storm.

Tereza is a DJ, radio host and curator who has established her name in Germany and Europe in hip-hop through countless gigs. The culmination of this can be seen in her BADUOLOGY mixtape – an ode to Erykah Badu. It received praise across publications like Noisey/Vice, Red Bull, Okayplayer, etc, and the limited edition vinyl sold out within one day.

Broadening her musical horizons, she has begun researching and representing new music from across the spectrum, from disco to house, via broken beat and UK classics. With true passion, technical finesse and a lot of love for detail, Tereza glides through her own eclectic soundscape transcending the traditional genre boundaries, combining her musical urge to explore with a frank commitment to frenzy.

With this newfound experimentation, she has played at prestigious festivals and events such as Melt!, Boiler Room, Fusion, Taktraumfestival, and been invited to play at reputable radios such as Red Light Radio (Amsterdam), Radio Raheem (Milan), alongside her own monthly show on Germany public broadcaster COSMO/WDR. Earlier this year, she was named by Soundcloud as a “DJ To Watch”.

2020 has kicked off with a bang, as Tereza jumps on a 15-date European tour in support of her ‘BLUE SPACE Compilation’ where she explores the bona fide hubs of subculture in each city, playing vinyl-only sets in small renowned record stores.